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Brazzers Shyla Stylez
  • Name: Shyla Stylez
  • Biography: Shyla Stylez was born September 23rd, 1982 in Armstrong, British Colombia. She moved to L.A when she was 19 years old and began in the industry with Jim Kelly Productions and married the CEO, Bob Friedland. In 2002 she had 2 breast augmentations and her breasts are now 32DD. Considered to have one of the nicest pairs of breasts in the industry. Shyla quit around 2004 after her divorce with Bob Friedland. She made a comeback in 2006 and has since made over 100 DVD's and several scenes on the web, especially with BRAZZERS.COM which she always promotes on her website, She is also our #1 girl for Brazzers!!! She has the best ratings and is the most viewed girl on the site. She is also the girl who participated in the widest variety of BRAZZERS sites, she's in a total of 9 of our websites.
  • Birth Place: September 23, 1982
  • Measurements: 32D-23-32
  • Height: 160 cm - 5 feet and 3 inches
  • Weight: 49 kg - 108 lbs
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Nationality: German/Canadian
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Tattoos: Right of bush; Left ankle, Left ring finger
  • Piercings: Tounge; Navel; Nipples

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  • hi shyla i like your work,especially when you do anal and that double pentration scene a while back, well i would like to be in a scene with you a anal scene would be great that is my wish so could you try and make my wish come true please.
  • Shayla is truely head and shoulders above any woman in the porn world...I've seen her in person and OMG I got hard just being in the same crowded room!
  • Just saw Shyla in Pittsburgh on Saturday night. Inches away from her and got to lick whipped cream off of her finger while she danced up against me. I can die a happy man now.
  • ok brazzers time for a bare foot scene with Shyla her last bare foot scene was "New Meat In Jail" and then 6 scenes with her feet covered in something... so please give us a few bare fott scenes with Shyla its a fair request brazzers!!!
  • you are absolutely incredible sexwise. god you blow me away and i cant stop jerking off over you. the effect you have on me is the most pleasurable thing on earth. i am knackered and i still want more. thank god i was not born gay.not that i am running down gay people but not to be able to appreciate would be a sin. dont retire please shyla gerrymac
  • its a shame that a lot of shylas BEST scenes are not with brazzers, whoever doesnt believe me go check out some torrent files of shyla on the net there is SOOO many and all the hot ones are not with brazzers, its a shame cuz this is supposed to be the number one site but all their videos are so predictable and just meh now
  • I will stay focused on SHYLA STYLEZ!!!! Shyla, is sexy, she has bodaciously bountiful breasts and an ass-tounding ASS!!!! I don't care that she has thin lips, her mouth isn't ugly, she sucks dick with a vengeance, mouth in a perfect angel's halo the entire time! I will never think BRAZZERs shows her too much because there is no such thing as too much---unless she were fucking around on ME like she did to that other guy but hey man, thats not MY problem! My problem is waiting for her next update! Where IS she?!?! Come on, don't be stingy, bring this woman BACK
  • I absolutely love this chick. I wank to her at least 3 times a week. And for the record... I GET CHICKS!!!! I have at my disposal right now, nicer chicks than Shyla... I just haven't got Shyla herself. My favourite thing about her is that she kisses a lot. That's the most horniest thing about Shyla, because it really seems like she's enjoying it and it isn't a job. For that very reason I cannot watch Ice LaFox any longer. You can see she's thinking about everything but dick. Very few porn stars seem like they're genuinely LOVING it. One being Shyla, two being Flower Tucci and three, an English Milf called Daisy Rock, whom I've had the pleasure of giving me a blowjob in real life. Oh, I didn't mention... I GET CHICKS!!!!!
  • Shyla Should Be on Milfs like it Big, or Mommy got boobs. THAT WOULD BE HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!
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