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Brazzers Nikki Benz
  • Name: Nikki Benz
  • Biography: Nikki Benz is one of the top superstars of the Adult Industry, a breathtaking blonde beauty whose career crosses over into the world of mainstream entertainment, having appeared on MTV's Fast Inc., Show Time's "Family Business", VH1's Supergroup and the world famous Howard Stern Show. As well as rocking a successful website Nikki is the star of over 50 triple X movies with a consecutive streak of top selling DVDs including the smash hit, Test Drive! Published in virtually all adult men's magazines including universally known publications; Hustler, Genesis, High Society, Swank, Fox, Cherie, D-Cup, Club and Club International just to name a few. Even mainstream magazines have succumbed to her; Urban Male Magazine (UMM Canada), Stuff and Maxim have all featured Nikki Benz! Nikki Benz is one of the few performers, if not the only one, who was able to get three contracts with three different production companies. Most performers would be lucky to get just one. She has been a contract girl for Pleasure Productions, Jill Kelly Productions and Teravision! This year Nikki was nominated by AVN as the most valuable starlet in the adult industry!
  • Birth Place: December 11, 1981
  • Measurements: 36D-24-36
  • Height: 5 feet, 5 ft in (1.52m)
  • Weight: 110 lbs (5lb (50kg)
  • Eye Color: n/a
  • Hair Color: Blond
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Tattoos: Black leopard on lower back
  • Piercings: Navel; nipples; tongue

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  • Flawless/Gorgeous lady. To my knowledge Nikki has previously performed in only three anal scenes: Sexpose 2 (2006), Teradise Island (2005), and Test Drive (2006). When I learned of Nikki's Benz Famous Anus and Pump Fiction on Brazzers' site I immediately joined. Well worth the price just for these two scenes. Awesome performances, incredible lady! Please... more anal with Nikki!
  • I am trying to figure out which is the best anal scene i have seen in brazzers, Nikki's Benz or Rachel's Roxx and to be honest i can't decide. i don't know which i would prefer to see again to do anal. but finally i think i found the solution. a scene with both nikki and rachel both doing anal (maybe and dp?). what you think, wouldn't that be the scene of the year? i think it will be rated by everybody in here with a straight 10. bring these 2 superstars together for an anal scene and you will see flames coming out of our PC's!!!!
  • i think that now she took the step into anal we will see more amazing stuff from her. i just hope she will not return back to boring old scenes blowjob-vaginal-cumshot because in that case i will be dissapointed. i hope a dp is the next in line
  • What a gorgeous pice of ASS. Nikke Benz is the best. Please keep up the great work you do for us. Outstanding ass fucking scene. Now, I'm fansasizing about pumping you gorgeous ass. You ar deffenetly a 10+.
  • oh my god i thought u have been smokin hot ever since the sales manager scene. I must admit that I thought Shyla beat you out by a little bit until recently cause you took care of that gap between your breast by getting them a little bigger. Anyways definetly in my top 3. You of course Mrs. Starr cause that ass is probably the best ever seen, and Jayden James she just really seems to get into the scenes. Well my compliments to you though for beating out Shyla as far as I am concerned but you should really have them put up your new measurements there is no way your only a D cup.
  • Definitely the HOTEST, most talented blonde star...Nikki is coming up in the ratings finally...this latest scene A Hero's Treatment from brazzers; is fantastic...thanks Nikki !!
  • nikki you are a very sexy woman, but i think that you should dye your hair back to the brunette color like you had in your brazzers scene The Pornstar Experiment. You are so much sexier with the darker hair
  • you have some nice boobs... I want to see you laying on your back getting your tits pounded with cum splattered on your face. When are you coming down to San Diego?
  • alright idiots Nikki is a damn 10... from the falsies, to the lousy acting, to the stellar cock riding, to the dick sucking... have you watched that shit, eyes on the camera lips locked on the head then taking it all, that's straight pro... give her her due 10+
  • there's never been a porn bitch that I can just look at their pictures of just them modeling and bust a nut to until nikki benz, so imagine what it's like watching her get fucked. This bitch is amazing with a body to die for. Would fuck her every which way